Stop Leaving Sales on the Table!

Automate Follow-Up with this Inexpensive CRM

Have you ever forgotten who you were supposed to call? Or anxiously woken up in the middle of the night because you forgot to send an important document to a client?

I have. In fact, I realized I needed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system because I did something I'm still embarrassed about. I asked a prospect if she was interested in a product of mine. She said no.

Two weeks later, I contacted her again and asked her the same question.

She was very nice about it, but I will never forget how embarrassed I was.

Obviously, I needed a CRM. Badly.

My Search for the Perfect CRM

It was not easy to find a system that did what I wanted.

  • It had to be inexpensive and I didn't want a long contract
  • It needed a way to keep track of what I talked about with my clients
  • I wanted something that would send an email series for me so I didn't have to remember when to send the next note
  • It would be great if it would remind me when I had promised to contact a prospect again

Most of the systems I looked at were better project management systems than customer relationship managers. The ones that did what I wanted were too expensive and had long contracts.

The Search is Over

Finally, I came across FTR. It doesn't just keep track of my contacts, it helps me keep in touch with them too! It does useful things I hadn't even thought of.

In fact, this Lead Capture page you're reading right now is generated by FTR!

Why You Should Use this System

FTR meets all the criteria above and it does a lot of things I didn't expect too.  Take a look at this infographic that shows you how versatile this inexpensive system is.

What's more, everyone who signs up for FTR can become an affiliate at no extra cost. When your contacts sign up to use FTR with your affiliate link, you earn a commission every month they are on the system.

You get one more thing if you sign up with my affiliate link... me! I am an experienced Certified Content Writer and since FTR pays me when you use my link, I can help you set up your follow-up systems at a special discounted rate.

  • I write email series for your prospects and current customers
  • I help you strategize how to use automated follow up to make more sales
  • Together, we can turn your FTR Lead Capture page into a system that attracts new prospects

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