Five Things to Do Before You Quit Your Job

It's less scary if you prepare in advance!

Do you feel like there is an eight hour hole in your day?

You know... you get out of bed and do things that are important to you. Then you go to work and do things that are not important to you until the clock strikes quitting time and you can go back to doing something meaningful. 

That's exactly where I was about ten years ago.

I finally quit and that was alright because I invested time into learning the basics before I left my job.

To be honest, I waited too long to get started, but I did two important things before the day I quit that made my life much easier. And I did three other crucial things after I quit that helped me build several businesses.

Don't make my mistake. Start now, before you just can't stand that cubicle any longer!

Learn From My Experience Before You Quit

If you're standing where I stood, at your desk looking wistfully out the window, you are probably wondering if you can make a living without the "security" of your job. 

You probably ask yourself, "Can I really survive without this job?" and "How can I go from here to running my own business?".

You don't have to make the same mistakes I made. I've written an article called "Five Things to Start Doing Right Now if You Want to Leave Your Corporate Job" that will help you prepare to make that transition. You don't have to quit to do any of the things on the list. 

I wish someone had given me a list like this before I left my job and now I want you to know what I learned.

Fill out the form on this page and I'll send you the article. You can get started changing your life right away!